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Since there is more than 20% of visits from Japan, by placing this label we thank all those distant enthusiants !


Multichannel sound

Mission:Play more tones simultaneously !
Result:Works fine with 4 channels
Troubles:Only works at low (1/4) volume.
Tested with:GNU C, inline assembler

Image compression

Mission:Compress somehow 16 gray-levels images
Result:Delta+Huffman works great, better than ImagerX or FireViewer.
Troubles:Can be little slower that these two.
Tested with:MS Visual C++

Vocabulary compression

Mission:Compress list of words. This should be foundation for some kind of vocabulary aplication and word-based compression of text.
Result:Combination of delta+huffmat+common sequence compression. One english word compresses to approximately 17.5 bits, when there is 27566 words in vocabulary. 16.7 bits per word from book Princess Of Mars from E.R.Borroughs. It works with any language and alphabet.
Troubles:Complete translation dictionary must be created from two word lists and index. No reasonable technology for index compression was developed yet.
Tested with:MS Visual Basic

Fast Kerned (Fake) Fonts

Mission:Create format of font and associated routines, that would allow displaying kerned fonts on displays with small resolutions.
Result:Format is of course different from standard Palm font resource. Tool for FaKe font compilation was developed. Kerning is pair based and sufficient for reasonably small fonts. Text drawing routine is approximately 6 times faster than that in Palm OS.
Troubles:none discovered yet
Tested with:Pila Assembler