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Since there is more than 20% of visits from Japan, by placing this label we thank all those distant enthusiants !


Author:Gonzalo Mena Mendoza
Date:Apr 17,2003
Author's note:Icons done in GrayPaint

Date:Feb 19,2003
Author's note:Your programm is best, i ever seen on the Palm! :)

Pictures are stored on author's web site !

Author:Mark Chong
Date:Jan 22,2003
Author's note:Image name: Blackie

Date:Aug 15,2002
Author's note:Image names: Leaf, Orange, In the park, Birds.

Date:Apr 15,2002
Author's note:This is Killy, from the manga Blame by Tsutomu Nihei.

Author:Chris Jasperson
Date:Mar 23,2002
Author's note:Description on images:
Durst - This is a portrait of Fred Durst, lead rapper from Limp Bizkit.
Lighthouse - This is a beautiful painting of an ocean scene with a lighthouse, boat, and birds along with a sunset.
The Path - This image is kind of like a graffiti tag.
Hawaiian - (no description given)
Tribal - This is a portrait of Me with a Tribal logo beneath.
Bin Laden - This is a picture of Bin Laden with a death note underneath.

Author:Roger? - author of GrayPaint
Date:Jan 1,2002
Author's note:I'm trying to express my vision of Elves. This is first try (very loose). Sorry Liv .. nice movie anyway !

Author:Roger? - author of GrayPaint
Date:Nov 27,2001
Author's note:I've done theese sketches while designing enemies for my game IQ3D.

Date:Nov 5,2001
Author's note:Sketches done using GrayPaint and a floating•point stylus by LandWare.

Date:Oct 20,2001
Author's note:Great App. Especially for people who loves to draw in grayscale. Everything is great. Should include larger 'paper' size.
Cup - a MUG from STARBUCKS(tm) where I work part-time.
Plant - Just a simple potted-plant.
Plant2 - Another potted plant (my fav!).
View - A view of a typical Singapore cafe.

Author:Paul McKee
Date:Aug 23,2001
Author's note:Description on images:
After Life - from a life drawing session.
Duncarino - An infant. My great nephew, in fact.
Gorge - Done from the Full Sail beer garden, NOT a sailboard.
Beach - The dunes near Ocean City, Washington.
Honeybear - The empty honey jar is reflected in a mixing bowl.
Beach Kleenex - I'm trying to paint or draw every Kleenex in a box.

Author:Yokee, Thailand
Date:Aug 2,2001
Author's note:"Picture 1: I have some inspiration to draw this picture. The man on this pic is Prime minister of Thailand : Dr.Thaksin Shinawatre. I want to draw comedy politic drawing like newspaper do.
Picture 2:Palm-Draw-Palm . I like to sketch in drawing line maybe I'm an architect so I see something in wireframe. This picture, I sketch in the morning of day in my bedroom.
Picture 3:Logo of Thailand Leaugue. It's very exciting football game in Thailand.
Picture 4:Tiger Woods, popular golfer Thai-American. I sketch in 12 minutes so his brand name like Nike. :)

Date:Apr 3,2001
Author's note:I attached some pictures i quickly drew with graypaint, it's amazing ! I really do get the feeling i'm drawing on paper!

Author:Roger? - author of GrayPaint
Author's note:I made these images during beta testing of GrayPaint