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Since there is more than 20% of visits from Japan, by placing this label we thank all those distant enthusiants !

Questions is a software house oriented on Palm OS platform.
There are just two of us at the moment, Roger? and Rudla?.
We develop software mainly for our own needs and we offer it mainly for free.
Feel free to contact us with comments, ideas or bug reports.


Anniversary? Database of year anniversaries with quick look up and edit options.
Diagrams? Flow chart and diagram editor.
BlockCase Hack Switch case of all letters in selected block when entering text.
PowerOnSound Hack Play alarm sound when Palm is turned on.
Cam Com Time-lapsing software for use with Olympus digital cameras.
Sound? Simple but powerfull string based music player.
TimeOnContrast Hack Shows time, date and battery level in 'Adjust Contrast' window.
GrayPaint? 2 Graphics editor in 16 shades of gray (visit GALLERY).
Flapy? Logic/action game.
Category Hack Switch launcher category with graffity.
Intervals? Exact tempo meter. Also simple stopwatch.
TopTwelve? Launch applications quickly
GrayPaint? 1 Graphics editor in 16 shades of gray.
Abacus? Very realistic simulation of abacus.


Ion's Quest 3D? 3d texture mapped shoot'em up.
QPad Memopad replacement with advanced text formatting.


Multichannel sound Play more tones simultaneously !
Image compression Compress somehow 16 gray-levels images
Vocabulary compression Compress list of words.
Fast Kerned (Fake) Fonts Draw kerned fonts on Palm display.


Pila Updated Pilot assembler sources.